Her Fathers Eyes

Created by Abi lloyd, The Pitch 2013

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Her Fathers Eyes is part live action part stop motion film based on the gospel. It will be a non dialogue piece of work , acted and animated in a theatrical way. It is set in a peaceful homeland environment of a father and daughter. One day the girl decides to break away from the safety of her fathers land and crosses the border into the dark forest. The father entails on a go for broke rescue mission to get his daughter back.

Biblical Connection

Genesis 2 - 3 : The garden of Eden and the fall of man. This is reflected in the first scene with the father and daughter in there homeland up to the part when the girl crosses the boarder and enters the forest. John 1:14 - The word becoming flesh - this is reflected in the film when the father enters the forest to save his daughter, going from a stop motion puppet to a live action actor. John 19:17 - 37; The crucifixion - The Father takes on the creatures that have the girl captive and is killed. Revelation 21:4 death will be no more and every tear will be wiped away - The father has returned and comforts the girl