Created by Mathieu Noel, The Pitch 2012

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The story focuses on Joseph between the moment when he was taken out of prison and when he became the savior of egypt. What kind of emotions could he have been going through ? It seems likely he would have trust issues after having been betrayed by people two times in his life. How would he recover ? How would he cope with that ? This story is the journey of a man who has no faith in humanity, and ultimately starts enjoying life again. Joseph's gift, in my story, is not related to dreams but to the brain. Joseph has an extrasensorial ability to see and modify people's brain activity. Thanks to a simple device, other people can see what Joseph 'feels'. The result are amazing, sometimes terrifying sights. It feels like watching our world, but in another 'dimension'. This is an important element of the story, it will make the investigation go further and allow the creation of a tense, strange mood.

Biblical Connection

I based this story on the one of Joseph, from Genesis. In my story, after spending two years in a psychiatric hospital, Joseph is asked to solve a mystery. The stakes are high, as the city of London is threatened. Thanks to his gift, he understands many things, and the mayor puts him in charge of the investigation. I was always been fascinated by the character of Joseph. He faced huge struggles in his life but never gave up. He even kept helping others (ultimately saving thousands of people) while he had been unfairly treated by others all his life. I think the Joseph story is a contemporary one in that this is a character we can relate to. It is also an extraordinary story about a man with a gift who ‘saves the world’ from a terrible threat, he has a lot in common with nowadays' superheroes.