Forever Flowers

Created by Joe Solomon, The Pitch 2022

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Dani, a young care-worker, travels to a dilapidated country house with her boyfriend Eli. They are coming for a farewell dinner with Lily and Rose, the elderly couple she has been looking after, but in reality they plan to steal valuables from the frail old ladies. While Eli immediately starts eyeing up the couple’s sizeable collection of centuries-old antiques, Dani is still wavering. During dinner, Dani ‘accidentally’ spills her wine and excuses herself. Eli leaves shortly after to ‘check on her'. While Dani searches the bathroom, Eli rifles through the bedrooms, taking everything he can. As he does so, Lily catches him in the act. In the ensuing fight, Eli accidentally breaks the old lady’s neck. As he leans in to attempt CPR, a black tentacle flicks out of Lily’s mouth and into Eli’s... Dani finds Rose and a youthful Lily hunched over Eli’s dead body. Terrified, she pleads to be allowed to go. Rose tells her she has nothing to fear. The next morning, a youthful Rose and Lily depart rejuvenated and ready to embark on a new life. As they get into Dani and Eli’s truck, Dani can be seen trapped in the pupil of Rose’s eye.

Biblical Connection

As a filmmaker, I want to tell original, disruptive and entertaining stories. I'm interested in multiple genres and I will give voice to people not always seen on screen. As a gay man of mixed heritage, I want to people of diverse ethnicities, the older generation and members of the LGBTQI+ community front of camera. Sound design, the colour grade and the lenses we use are hugely important to me to create the worlds of my characters and their emotional states. As referenced in Eve, my recent short, Eve is trapped in anxiety as reflected when we see her alone, in the echo tunnel, the blue blur and the tight close ups. Through her eyes, everyone appears bright, garish and overpowering. In Forever Flowers, I want to use the horror genre to show the world is off kilter and the immorality of a world, where trust dissipates. I’ll be illustrating this through low camera angles, close ups, a contrast in colour palettes from dull and worn, to bright and saturated colours, separating the main body of the film and the ending when the older couple are rejuvenated. I will use a music score that highlights the suspense and jarring atmosphere in the encounter between the couples.