Created by Ann-Marie Hunte, The Pitch 2012

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The story forbidden is about wealth and power, generosity and betrayal , poverty and greed . It is filled with endless emotions, and conflicting characters that deliver a mastermind plot. Witness the recreation of the twenty first century Garden Of Eden.Set in a lavish location filled with beautiful cottages, lush fruit trees, and a spectacular view ,see the loving husband willing to do the ultimate to please his wife, feel the devastation when a couple gains everything ,and lose it all in an instant .Rules are meant to be followed , disobedience always brings consequence. It's a story of love , it's a story of pain , its the story called " forbidden "

Biblical Connection

Genesis Chater 2 vs 15-17 And the Lord God commanded man saying , of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat , but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil , thou shalt not eat , for in the day that thou eatest thou shalt surely die . The film forbidden is based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve. This film is so applicable today because it deals with consequence of choice , and shows the devastating result of one bad decision .My Adam and Eve are given an opportunity to transition out of there recession , but throw it away for their lack of contentment .One of mankind's greatest weaknesses has always been greed . This story addresses the importance of being satisfied,and highlights the danger of bad curiosity .