Created by Keanan Cantrell, The Pitch 2017

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"Flawless" is a science fiction drama that explores the ideology of perfection. Two scientists have created the first man outside of a womb, in an amniotic tank. He is a perfect human machine, both similar and superior to a computer in all ways. To err is human, but Amnion is invulnerable. The first scientist couldn't be prouder and sees their creation as a huge leap forward for humankind. The second scientist couldn't be more disturbed and believes that real perfection doesn't come by avoiding making mistakes but by being vulnerable and learning from our failings, as a crucial human element. As parents, they have completely polarized desires for their new creation.

Biblical Connection

"Flawless" is a reimaging of the story of Adam in the Garden of Eden. God placed a perfect Adam in a perfect garden, but also planted the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the center of the Garden. He warned Adam that if he ate the fruit he would die. He gave Adam the choice because it was the only way to introduce freedom and the growth that comes from making our own decisions, by making mistakes, by failing. "Flawless" both explores the purpose of the Fall, which began the human race and what it means to be perfect. Maybe true perfection can only come from making mistakes.