Fishing With Rocks

Created by Andrew Maclean, The Pitch 2015

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'Fishing With Rocks' is the story of a small fishing community of Tantonwick. The once rich town is now hard on it's luck and the addition of a new tax has pushed everyone close to the edge. Simon is the main focus of our story but is supported by a charming, rowdy, downtrodden and upbeat cast. Simon dreams of his full fishing nets being emptied as a huge rock strikes the surface of the water, scaring the fish away. He is aware that in his dream he is the rock which hits the water. This feeds his feelings of failure and drives him to late night fishing excursions with his long-suffering brother, Drew. Old rumours of a leader coming from Tantonwick seem to come true as a mysterious, yet familiar stranger is noticed in town. Simon meets the stranger who somehow knows all about his dream, so starts to call him 'Rocks'. The leader challenges Simon's understanding of his self-worth and leads him to look at his flaws and failures in new ways before taking him on a much bigger journey.

Biblical Connection

Mark 1: 16 - 17 was the starting point for this story but will draw from many of Simon and Jesus' interactions. Simon Peter's constant and often hilarious failures throughout scripture were the inspiration for this film. His outspoken and direct stance, often in the wrong direction, is the stuff of anti-hero legend. He blurts and bumbles his way to becoming the rock on which the church is founded; one of the greatest lynchpins of the gospel worldwide. I wanted to humanise one of the best known saints. Rather than being a man who floated above the ground with raw perfection, he had a smelly manual labour job, in a rubbish part of Israel. He had a horrible accent which people associated with poverty and 'nothing good' and acted that way throughout the scriptures! His awkward humanity and imperfection challenges our own self worth in the face of failure while walking into our calling.