Created by Tara Evans, The Pitch 2012

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Welcome to FATUM. A Rastafarian man who is not religious and does not carry the faith is led by a spiritual/religious force he is unable to disregard to the small community of FATUM (dictionary meaning 'doom' 'destiny' 'lot') where we see him rescuing members of its community and a truck filled with people from the raging waters of a breached dam. Almost at the end of the film we are made familiar with the name of the Rastafarian (his name is Moses) and he pays the ultimate price for ignoring his destiny and his calling from God, by succumbing to the waters of the river. Fatum is a basic retelling of the story of Moses parting the Red Sea but it is given a Caribbean flavor with a modern twist. A Rastafarian who has no faith and lives a meaningless and superficial and materialistic life is given a second chance in spirituality but a little too late. FATUM is a fantasy drama which entered the 2012 Caribbean Tales Film Festival screenplay competition in which it was awarded third place. It is set to be filmed in the Caribbean amongst our beautiful and regal mountains, lush vegetation and bountiful rivers and valleys.

Biblical Connection

The story of Moses parting the red sea is internationally known and has been remade countless times and on different occasions in film over the last few years. But never has this story been given a Caribbean remake in today's modern society. In the biblical days Moses was one of Egypt's princes, living a rich and immoral lifestyle, and ignoring the spiritual calling of God until one day unable to disregard his fate no more he is led to free the children of Israel and carry them successfully across the Red Sea. Although the biblical Moses did not die but lived on for many more years according to God's will, this Caribbean retelling of the classic story shows our Rastafarian continuing to ignore his spirituality and his destiny, finding no real meaning and happiness in life until unable to ignore it no longer, he is led to his destiny in which he recreates the iconic scene by holding back the waters of the dam with his bare hands. His punishment for disregarding his destiny is his tragic death, and this would be a focal theme in film: that those who live their lives in spiritual turmoil and doubt would die.