Created by darion leigh, The Pitch 2017

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This film has no dialogue. A girl wakes, in a pod floating above Earth. She has amnesia. Who and where is she? She calls out in fear. A light appears. Is that a face? What’s it saying? Images swirl around her. She can’t understand it. But the light warms, calms and nurtures her. She feels at peace and one with the light. She might want for nothing, but quickly becomes impatient. Instinctively she presses holographic buttons and they blast off, soaring over the sunlit Earth. She is awed, but discovers another pod floating crumpled in the darkness. As data downloads from this lifeless pod, she’s horrified by archive footage of hundreds of pods fleeing an apocalyptic war. Only she’s been saved. Eve realizes she and the light aren't the same, and that the human world is filled with great evil. In her innocent state, this knowledge is devastating. But there is another survivor. He is already back on Earth. She faces a dilemma, stay safe with the light, or embrace her humanity and return to Earth? Ultimately she is compelled to return, she has seen what she is, she is human, and must leave the light behind in space to start again.

Biblical Connection

The stories of Noah, Adam & Eve are creation narratives. This film combines them to offer a stark warning/celebration of what it means to be flawed and human. Eve:II is an innocent amnesiac, content to float in her pod above the Earth (reference: Eve in Eden). The light that appears to her is a damaged A.I, designed to nurture her. To her this is a wondrous, powerful father/mother. (reference: a God that provides an Eden for her). However she becomes curious and pursues knowledge. (reference: Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil). She is fundamentally changed by what she finds, (reference to the change in Eve when she eats the apple). She discovers that her kind had an apocalyptic war, and she alone has been saved (reference: Great Flood) she can no longer accept her simplistic blissful life with the light in space. She becomes determined to return to Earth to pursue a future as a human. Crucially she has to eject the light (engine’s core), leaving her nurturer behind in space to return to Earth (reference: leaving Eden). By returning to Earth she is vowing never to repeat past mistakes (sins of man: Noah) and banishing herself.