Created by Ed Powell, The Pitch 2017

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Electrolysis follows the journey of Beth, Jo and their son Josh. The film is anchored around a meeting between the school that Josh attends and his parents, Beth and Jo due to an incident that has taken place in a science lab. The incident is to do with the Electrolysis, the decomposition of a liquid using electricity and Josh has managed to complete the experiment without any tuition or help - something that has taken the teachers by surprise. However, recent events in classes has been building to this moment due to Josh questioning teachers knowledge, displaying a high personal aptitude beyond his years. Meanwhile, Jo, the non biological father struggles to comes to terms with the fact that Josh is displaying huge levels of intelligence and does not contain a single ounce of DNA with his father. Beth is the glue that holds the three together and manages to affirm Jo and the role he has between the three of them. However, the science experiment is only the tip of the iceberg, back home in his bedroom we see evidence of Joshes growing ability to produce the spectacular.

Biblical Connection

This film is based on the characters of Mary, Joseph and Jesus within the gospel of Luke and John and although it uses Luke 2:41-52 as an event (questioning the teachers/leaders), it also touches on the wedding at Cana as a storytelling mechanism (Electrolysis in liquids). Furthermore, the last time Joseph is mentioned in the Bible is when Jesus was 12 years old and provides an opportunity to add the human dynamic between a son and his non-biological father. Joseph, a carpenter who fathers a child who is not his, that goes on to greatness may have struggled with this and although the film is built around one event in a science lab, the reality is there have been a number of events that have led to this point. Both parents know he is special but want their son to have a normal life - unbeknown to them greatness is beckoning and this is a child coming to terms with his ability.