Dream Merchants

Created by Aimie Willemse, The Pitch 2018

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One night a young sheltered girl is whisked away on a mysterious journey by her traveller father to harvest supplies for their wares and remedies. Out in the Scottish wilderness, Selena unknowingly crosses over into a strange, secret world, until the darkness ignites with starlight and she learns that not only magic exists but that the very shadows are alive. Suddenly Selena's faith and courage is tested as an endless, shadowy monster emerges out of the night: his presence killing the starlight and toxic touch plunging her into terrifying nightmare. But just fear threatens to consume her in this nightmarish world, a divine presence comes to her aid through blinding starlight, giving her the strength to escape the horrors and an idea how to save her father from the monster with only her wits and a handful of stars. We are taking the classic fairy tale structure to immerse our audience in an enchanting and harrowing journey that will transcend the ordinary world we know for one filled with magic and danger.

Biblical Connection

"...It's not by the sword or spear that the Lord saves: for the battle is the Lord's, and He will give all of you into our hands" Samuel 17:48. Inspired by David and Goliath, I was drawn to the idea of one small person overcoming an impossible enemy through their faith and Dream Merchants was born. Selena starts off as a young, naive child suddenly forced out of her comfort zone when she's faced with a supernatural danger that only threatens her life but also her family. While David's faith is constant and unwavering, I wondered what if Selena had to rediscover her faith in the moments of deep despair instead. To have her overcome her personal demons alone before transforming into the person capable of facing this fearsome monster to save her father. Dream Merchants explores the themes of David Goliath through a little girl's journey to become the hero she needs to be and the addition of a divine presence reigniting her faith and finding the courage she needs to protect the ones she loves makes for a compelling twist to a classic Christian tale.