Down with the Kings

Created by Jeffrey Aidoo, The Pitch 2018

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Down with the Kings centres on Jocelyn, a feisty, no nonsense, female detective with only one thing on her mind– rid every neighbourhood of its drug slinging, gun-toting, knife wielding, women abusing, moped riding, low down dirty criminals. Not forgetting the corrupt establishment that helps keep them in business. She’s pretty good at it too. Having already cleaned up several boroughs, she’s on top of the world and smiling. That is until word gets out of her clean-up operations and five key players from the criminal underworld, representing five different neighbourhoods on her radar decide it’s time to go on the offensive. Why wait for Jocelyn to come and disrupt their ill-gotten gains when they can team up and take her out before she comes. Strength in numbers baby, always wins. The five criminals hatch a plan to take her out within 24 hours, no holds barred, no retreat, no surrender. Jocelyn will have no chance. With these bad guys pulling their resources to bury her, she’s got no hope. Well, it’s a good job she believes hope dies last.

Biblical Connection

Joshua 10. For Joshua and the Israelites to receive their inheritance in Canaan, they must overcome nations in and around the promise land. When King Adoni-zedek (of Jerusalem) heard Joshua had already taken Jericho and Ai, the king created an alliance with kings of surrounding areas- Hoham, Piram, Japhia and Debir. The plan was to defeat Joshua as a combined force. However, the Lord told Joshua “Do not be afraid of them; I have given them into your hand. None of them will be able to withstand you”. These five Kings ended up hiding in a cave and Joshua hung them on five trees. The kings wanted to rule over God’s people and symbolically they each represent an area in our life that tries to stop us from receiving the inheritance God has provisioned for us. I’ve adapted the story to give it a contemporary feel. Jocelyn squares up against five criminal kingpins of areas she is determined to conquer. The message isn’t about man or woman, rather the incredible power of what can be achieved against all odds when a child of God receives, believes and acts on a specific word from the Lord.