David's Day

Created by Ollie Wiggins, The Pitch 2015

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David works in the office of Lord Saul, he is incredibly talented, hardworking, fiercely loyal and in a relationship with Saul’s daughter Joanna. However, far from recognising David’s efforts, Saul instead grows increasingly jealous of the popular and charismatic David’s abilities. One day, David discovers one of Saul’s secrets, a secret so corrupt and devastating that it could lead to Saul losing his family title and being expelled from the House of Lords. David attempts to out Saul but severely underestimates the lengths that Saul will go to to keep him quiet. Now hunted by Saul, David’s life is in danger and he manages to go into hiding with the help of Joanna, who loves him dearly. However, Saul will protect his position at all costs and, suspecting his own daughter of harbouring David, he threatens her life in order to destroy David. David is left with the impossible choice of whether to keep running or risk it all and do what is right protect the woman he loves.

Biblical Connection

David’s Day is inspired by David’s journey to becoming King of Israel in 1st Samuel. Serving loyally under King Saul, just like the film’s protagonist, David begins to earn the love of the Jewish people for his brave exploits on the battlefield. Jealousy motivates Saul who decides to take action by killing David. David is saved by warnings from Saul's son and daughter. In David’s Day Joanna embodies these characters and selflessly protects her lover David from her father’s anger. When in danger, biblical David runs and hides, sparing Saul’s life over and again. Similarly the David in the film runs away, taunting Saul but not wishing to tackle him head on. The David from the bible never aspired to wrest the Kingship from Saul but ultimately he must face his destiny despite what it may mean for Saul and Jonathan. Likewise, our David runs away when Saul threatens him before ultimately realising that he must face Saul in person and end their battle once and for all.