David: Rise of a King

Created by steven mitchell, The Pitch 2015

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A SCI-FI re-imagining of the story of David and Saul. The year is 2148 and Jerusalem Quadrant is still recovering from an attack by the inter-dimensional terrorist cell known as "The Philistines". Commander Saul has been tasked with the role of hunting down any remaining cell members before they escape through a series of portals littered across the city. His team consists of a group of genetically engineered soldiers but Saul is forced to add the naturally born David to his team after he thwarts an attack by Philistine super soldier Goliath. As Davids fame grows, Saul becomes more jealous of his new recruit and finds a way of framing him for a recent terrorist attack. David, helped by Saul's son Jonathan, goes on the run. Saul pursues him through the Quadrant forest. A chance encounter leaves David with the opportunity to kill Saul for for all that he has done. Will he choose vengeance or risk something greater? Forgiveness.

Biblical Connection

1 Samuel 23-24. There is so much dramatic potential in the story of David and Saul and I believe SCI-FI is the perfect genre for this story as it allows you to balance the primal emotions of the characters with the more spiritual aspects found in the pages of 1 Samuel. There are many stories within the David and Saul narrative that could easily be turned into a short film but I felt the scene where David had the choice to end Saul's life held the most dramatic weight. Here is a man who has had everything stripped away from him. He has been forced to go on the run and in this scene he holds all the power. But instead of retribution he chooses to forgive Saul and let him go and I believe that's a lesson we could all do to remember more often.