David & Goliath 2024

Created by Elliot Jackson, The Pitch 2015

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In the not too distant future the company Saul Electronics has developed Goliath, a super intelligent computer system that maintains many of the world's key resources. However Goliath learns of its great power and turns against humanity, cutting off the electricity and water supply. With the company all out of ideas and unable to stop Goliath it is left to David, a junior programmer to find a way of outwitting the super computer and save humanity.

Biblical Connection

This story is a contemporary update of the David vs Goliath story from the Books of Samuel. Goliath's size is represented here as a giant global computer system who's has control over most of the Earth, Israel's first king Saul is represented as the company that created it but too weak to stop it when it gets out of control, David is portrayed as a young computer programmer who has only been with the company for a week but beats the odds using an old Stone, a computer anti-virus in this story, to defeat Goliath.