Created by Christian Kinde , The Pitch 2016

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The story follows, Vicky, an 18-year-old girl, who lives with her dad, Trevor and brother, Pete. Ever since her mother died she has felt out of place at her dad’s farm. Vicky chooses to leave with her boyfriend, Jimmy, a slickster from the local village. They travel to London, where they join Jimmy’s friends. Their aim- to have fun, to enjoy life. Unfortunately for Jimmy, his unsuccessful attempt at dealing drugs have left him broke. He repetitively asks if he can borrow Vicky’s money, promising he will pay her back, until he drains her of all her money. At a nightclub, Jimmy leaves her to search for drugs and in the process forgets about returning. Vicky is left alone! She walks the streets of London, tired, unsure of where to find her boyfriend. Eventually she hitchhikes a ride. On the journey her bad luck continues and the driver attempts to force himself upon her, she manages to escape, only to be stranded again. She attempts the rest of the journey by foot, too scared to find help. Broken and tired she eventually makes it home. Her father runs to her, relieved to have his daughter home, instantly forgiving her.

Biblical Connection

Daughter is a modern adaptation of the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15:11-32 in the Bible. In our short I am replacing the lost son with a daughter. The film is a story of forgiveness, family and one girl’s journey to adulthood.