Danni Ad Champion of the world

Created by Philip Noble, The Pitch 2012

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A request for a viral video relating to a telephone network came from some connections I have within the Digital advertising world, formed the basis of the idea of the story. To explain to more fully the shots are intended to take place as close ups of the hands playing the games and then long shots of the locations (I have done a comparative study of this particular string figure game worldwide as part of my study and as co founder of the International String Figures Society. (www.isfa.org) These would continue to run as mini videos and become a mosaic on a globe each new shot lasting a little less that the previous one. The final globe in the advert would begin to rotate and connecting strings with the company logo would appear. I have devised several new string patterns and performed the role of String figure director in an award winning advert for Audi cars (see you tube as Audi A4 Cuerdas Agosto Spain or available through the string button on my web page www.bubblestrings.net.

Biblical Connection

The theme is taken from Daniel chapter one and the story of Daniel and his fiends deciding not to eat the rich food offered. Finding themselves in a difficult situation the idea of a trial week to see how things turn out seems like a good plan. The idea is that a willingness to trust in our own abilities to see and work is better than trusting in artificial aids. However I would see Danni’s team in the story as male and female. The end of the story gives a hint towards the testing of the lions' den. The end can also be seen to relate closely to Philippians 4 v 8 “Whatever is good whatever is pure… set your minds on these things.”