Created by Ben Hyland, The Pitch 2018

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David is alone in the boxing club in what remains of Saul’s kingdom. He hasn’t been here for many years - forced to leave under threats of violence. The funeral guests have long gone. He cuts an isolated figure - alone with his conflicting feelings of grief; his only company - the memories that linger in all corners of the ring. Over the course of one evening he must confront his grief. Denial - this situation hasn’t happened. Anger - he trashes Saul’s office and laments the man who wronged him. Bargaining - what difference he could have made if he hadn’t run. An irrational blame cast upon him. Depression - consumed by the black dog he considers burning the place to the ground. Finally acceptance - a chance to move forward and make a positive change, to rebuild, to be better. All made more complex as he struggles to come to terms with the death of the man who tried to kill him and the best friend who he loved so dearly but never had the chance to say goodbye to.

Biblical Connection

I’m basing the film on David’s emotional turmoil after the deaths of King Saul and Jonathan from the book of Samuel. King Saul’s kingdom is a traditional ‘spit and sawdust’ boxing club. It’s a tough environment, much like the army that David and Jonathan fought in together. I am hoping to find the gap in the story to really explore the depth of David’s grief coming to terms with the loss of Saul but especially his dear friend Jonathan. The relationship between David and Jonathan was pure love. There are many sermons I have watched about the importance of their friendship and many articles I have read about the depth of their bond and how far it goes. This is why I’m fascinated by the emotional turmoil that David must have been going through. To lose someone you love is heartbreaking. But not having the chance to say goodbye must have torn him apart.