Created by Samuel de Ceccatty, The Pitch 2013

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In my pitch video, I narrate the film using animated photographs to illustrate my vision of the film. Set in Denver in 2063, it tells the story of Roderick Nim, a successful entrepreneur who, after the catastrophic floods of 2013, has developed a new communication technology based on telepathy, which he hopes will bring about a united humanity. For the 50th anniversary of the Great Flood -and of his mother's tragic death in the catastrophe-, Roderick wants to finish the headquarter tower. When a great storm is announced, Roderick ignores his advisors and decides to continue the construction to finish on time. His pride and ambition will lead to the destruction of his tower and the downfall of civilisation as the formerly united population is scattered across the world.

Biblical Connection

My film is a modern take on the story of the Tower of Babel and it tyrant Nimrod as recounted in the book of Genesis, in which, after the Great Flood, a united people speaking a single language decides to build a city with a tower that may reach heaven. Seeing that nothing would be withheld from this people if the succeeded. God confounded their speech and scattered them across the world. I think that this story is relevant to adapt today as people increasingly rely on cross-border communication devices. Thanks to Skype, Twitter, Facebook and the like, people are able to communicate regardless of where they are, and it seems that humanity is becoming more united, or at least more in touch with each other. However, such progress is made at the expense of the natural environment we leave in as many species' natural habitat is destroyed. My film makes a parallel between God's revenge and the possibility of nature's revenge against a selfish humanity.