Created by Rod Cleasby, The Pitch 2012

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It is the future, 2085. Somewhere in the distant universe. Aqua-verra is an embryonic planet. Seeded by a gentle race, its Goldilocks location has made it perfect for habitation. The greening of the planet started a long time ago, but there’s a problem. The harsh demands of this environment has turned succeeding generations into violent and greedy people, bent on survival at all costs. No one knows why the surface people have become so warlike. They are appalled at the events on Aqua-verra. The council believes in the basic goodness there must be inside the ground crew. "After all, we are from the same mould." "We must conceive a plan" "I believe what they need, is a role model" "who comes from original stock, the heart of who we are." "One who is so perfect that they are simply in awe of his ideals." "Then it shall be done. “We will take the best of the best and weave a perfect DNA into the egg of a host mother from the stock of the land.”

Biblical Connection

Matthew 1 v23