Close The Door Behind You

Created by Robert Francis, The Pitch 2015

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Eddy was an SAS solder, he was badly wounded during combat narrowly avoiding death. He lost full use of his right arm and had no option but to leave the forces behind him. This was not a job to him, it was his life. Full of bitterness and severely depressed he was becoming desperate for money on civi street. He got tangled up in the wrong crowd who found a use for his skills, he was put to work as a hit man and over a short period of time became the go to guy if you needed some one taking out. But when he met his future wife he vowed he would leave that world behind and focus on being a loving and caring husband. He loves her with all his heart. The couple haven't much money between them and they struggle to cover the bills each month. But they are happy and are enjoying a peaceful suburban life together. Until the day a voicemail turns everything upside down. Eddy has to take this hit on, he knows his wife will probably leave him if he does, but he has no option. It’s tearing him up inside.

Biblical Connection

Inspired by the story of Ehud (Eddy Benjamin) and the assassination of Eglon (Gregory Moab) in the Book Of Judges 3:12-30. It’s not clear from the bible what life Ehud had before his calling. Other than he was a Benjamite and potentially disabled in his right arm, or just left handed. The rest is open to interpretation. The facts are pretty clear as to what happened during the actual assassination, the film will update his cunning plan to work under present day security systems. Hiding his blade on his right leg wouldn’t really work in this day and age, something more ingenious is required. This family drama come crime thriller will focus on the reality of having to follow through with such a daunting task and how it impacts on his family life and how his loved ones cope (or don’t cope) with it. Ehud must have been a strong minded man, with an unfaltering belief he was doing the right thing. This isn’t a glamorisation of this gruesome biblical story, it is a modern day interpretation that deals with the reality of having to do the things Ehud had to do.