Cleaning Up

Created by Steve Brehm, The Pitch 2024

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Martin is a cleaner and a diligent, long serving employee. He and his niece, Tess, work for a large company of which Xander is CEO. Recently promoted Chief Operating Officer, Hayden, has always despised Martin. He plots to be rid of him through an elaborate cost cutting exercise. Tess gets wind of this and tells Martin who concocts a plan of defence. He gets Tess to propose having a drinks reception for Hayden, which Xander approves. Early in morning of the reception Xander remembers a crucial way in which Martin helped the company and looks for someone to run an idea past. Finding only Hayden he asks him what should be done for a special employee. Hayden assumes it’s for him and advises a departmental lap of honour and a brand new Mercedes. Xander tells him to arrange this for Martin immediately, winding him up even more. At the reception Tess takes Xander and Hayden aside and reveals the latter’s plan. Xander is furious and fires Hayden who ends the evening in a gunge machine he’d ordered for humiliating Martin. Proceedings end with Xander promoting Martin to the board as Director of Building Facilities.

Biblical Connection

Cleaning up is an adaptation of the book of Esther which has a marvellous series of twists and turns, with the ultimate feel good ending. Rather than set the story in the world of politics, which is largely where the original took place, I’ve used the modern day corporate world. This is because it is more relatable to the experiences of people in the 21st century and, therefore, it’s impact upon an audience is greater. It is particularly the dynamic between Mordecai and Haymen that I am exploring here, where the latter is usurped in his arrogance by the wisdom of the seemingly downtrodden civilian. The story of Esther is wonderful and it would be great if an adaptation like Cleaning Up could direct people back to the Bible to read the original source material.