Created by Gerard Kearns, The Pitch 2018

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When Peter ventures out with his new friend Daniel, he reluctantly reveals his secret that he has to be back home to attend church with his family. For Daniel it's no big deal, as he is more concerned about them having enough time to smoke weed together by the pond in the woods. However, when Peter and Daniel are confronted by two much older boys (Mark & John), Peter uses his curfew as a means of escape. Daniel quickly shifts his alliance. Angry that Peter is leaving him alone with the older lads and wanting to impress his peers, he uses Peter's secret of church attendance against him, with horrific consequences. Things quickly get out of hand and before Daniel can process the turn of events, he is walking away with the older boys, leaving Peter for dead, alone, robbed, beaten and crucified to a fence hanging from a tree. Daniel is distraught and using an opportunity, escapes from Mark and John to save Peter. The older lads come back seeking revenge but Daniel manages to hide them both, evading detection till the antagonists leave. Safe from Mark & John, Daniel puts Peter over his shoulder and carries him home.

Biblical Connection

The Biblical source I am using is the story of Peter denying Christ three times. In this story, I have adapted it to a young lad (Peter), denying he has to attend church. I feel Peter denying his church attendance is like Peter the apostle denying Christ but also, Daniel is like peter the apostle in his betrayal of his friend, so I feel they both represent Peter in different ways and also both represent Christ as well with the character Peter being crucified and Daniel carrying his friend home like Christ carrying his cross.