Created by Stephen T Lally, The Pitch 2023

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On the eve of the Millennium, a beleaguered British pop princess experiences a dark night of the soul as she wrestles with her fame, fortune, and sexuality in a film laced with musical moments, self-referential humour, and surreal visuals. December 23rd, 1999 - and the popstar ‘Charity’ hides from her hysterical fans and publicist in a Stockholm hotel room. Packaged as a teenage boy’s fantasy with her true sexuality hidden, Charity downs a cocktail of pills and booze, triggering a reckoning with herself. Charity’s surrounded by her own merchandise – including a toy of her dog Harmony. In a hallucinatory daze, Charity spills her heart out to Harmony – who talks back and takes Charity on a darkly comic journey through her past. As she waits to hear if her latest single has become Christmas Number 1 in Britain, Charity recalls how the song was originally written for her lover Sarah – but has been remixed and is devoid of all its heart. The song Charity wrote for Sarah reminds her of what she has left behind - and she asks Harmony if fame and fortune can give her peace? And can she give it all up to find happiness?

Biblical Connection

Charity is inspired by the Bible story of Jesus and the rich young man recounted in the New Testament. This wealthy ruler had everything he could dream of but wished to attain a higher state of perfection. He asks Jesus what he must do to attain eternal life, and Jesus tells him to keep the Commandments. The ruler states that he has, and Jesus tells him “If you want to be perfect, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come follow me”. Unfortunately, the rich man resists the invitation because of his attachment to his money. Jesus uses His conversation with this man to teach the detrimental effect money can have on one’s desire for true happiness. I’ve transposed the role of the rich young ruler to a rich female popstar - temporarily ruling the charts but beginning to question everything. Unlike the rich ruler of the Bible, my heroine weighs up her life and predicament and ultimately chooses to follow a simpler life. Her legacy would prove to be kindness – to herself for stepping out of the spotlight, and to the dog charities she bequeaths all her royalties to!