Created by Vonley Smith, The Pitch 2012

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A loving father, the ambitious son, the curse of poverty .Stephen Smith had it all, talent ,ambition and his inheritance . When he receives his share of money , he quickly learns the painful lesson , that money doesn't last forever.Witness the painful journey through the cebreo of his memory, and see the final outcome of his demise in the compelling story Cebreo.

Biblical Connection

Luke 15:11-32 Cebreo is about the biblical story of the prodigal son . This touching film about new beginnings and a second chance , captures a modern day prodigal and his fall from wealth.It's relevance is crystal clear , as it speaks to the issues of forgiveness ,the importance of family ,and the danger of reckless spending.The greatest message however ,is the power of unconditional love and its ability to overcome any obstacle.