Burn Out

Created by Catherine Rowney, The Pitch 2018

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After great success or failure, physical exhaustion and emotional strain can cloud our judgement. Our perspective can become confused and the slightest trigger can lead us into times of depression. So many passages in the Bible deal with this emotive issue. When I have experienced times of heartbreak, loss or extreme stress, I always remember this moment in Elijah's life. Burn Out is a drama about a pivotal moment in a woman's life when events overwhelm her and she is pushed to breaking point. Despite huge success at work in the city, Elle is humilated by her jealous boss, fired and escorted from the building by security. With her home life in tatters from overwork she has nowhere to turn and drives off into the night. Narrowly avoiding a head-on collision she abandons her car and finds herself at a quarry cliff. She considers ending it all, but a storm approaches and she takes cover in a barn. Discovered by an old couple, they take her into their home and offer her food and a place to sleep. As her strength restores and she watches how they live, she starts to see her life from a whole new perspecitve.

Biblical Connection

1 Kings 19 - Elijah has just spent the last 24 hours courageously serving the Lord. He wins a victory that shows God's power. He kills God's enemies. He climbs a mountain. He sees God restore rain to a land three years in drought. He's given God's power to run for twenty miles through a storm. He doesn't eat or sleep and his body is pushed beyond human endurance. But, the king ignores what God has done and blames Elijah, and the queen sends word to Elijah that she will have him killed. It's no wonder Elijah felt physically exhausted, defeated and afraid. He flees for his life and asks God to let him die. His focus has become fixed on his situation rather than on the all-powerful God. God gives him food and rest, reminds Elijah of His power and meets with him - all with no words of criticism. God listens to Elijah's concerns, encourages him that he won't be alone and sends him back to continue his ministry with restored strength and a renewed perspective.