Bride at First Sight

Created by Tochi Irukwu , The Pitch 2022

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A young virgin woman who has been waiting for the right man to come along finds herself in an unusual situation when approached by two odd-looking men, clearly not from the area, who claim they have travelled a long distance to find a wife for the next heir to their Nation's throne. They tell her that they have been watching her since they entered her town, and they believe she is the one God has sent them there to find. She now must decide whether to follow these men back to their home country to meet the man who would become her Bridegroom. Many questions follow: Should she even believe them? Could this really be the man she's been waiting for? It's not exactly what she had in mind when she decided to wait. Is she crazy for even considering leaving everything she knows behind to become the wife of a man she’s never met, in a land she's never even heard of? All these questions drive the storyline, and our young protagonist, with the help of her eccentric but well-meaning family, is given 3 days to make the final decision. Drama and Comedy ensues.

Biblical Connection

The Biblical story this film is taken from is Genesis 24: Isaac and Rebekah. An often overlooked love story, it is an incredibly unique narrative about a servant sent to find a wife for his master's son in a foreign land and a young woman whose kind gesture to this servant leads him to believe that she is the one he has come to find. The woman and her family are to decide if she should go with the servant and be wed to his master's son, who she has never met before. I am adapting this story as a comedy drama, because, although beautiful as a romantic 'boy meets girl' storyline, it is also full of excellent opportunities for comedic moments. For example, the servant and his entourage will be reminiscent of the men from the film Coming to America, whose stark difference in appearance and attitude makes them a great source of laughter throughout the storyline. The woman's family will be full of eccentric characters with quick remarks, ulterior motives and conflicting desires about what the young woman should do. Audiences who enjoy romance, comedy and drama will be drawn to this unique coming of age love story.