Blind Date

Created by Jamie Higgins, The Pitch 2023

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Darren only cares about the outward appearance and likes his beautiful optician, but since his eyes are perfect he decides to take someone with him for an eye test, so he can ask her out, but he stupidly asks his ex girlfriend Sue. But she also has perfect eyes, so Darren asks her to pretend they’re not, and to get back at Darren she turns up to the appointment pretending to be completely blind. However during the test Sue sees the optician stealing from her purse. Later the optician rejects Darrens invitation because she doesn't have any money, Sue then jokes, couldn't you just take it from your patients who cant see? The optician knows Sue is on to her and agrees to go, Sue now has full control over both of them and insists on driving. The three of them go on a comedic ‘blind date’ where Sue causes havoc pretending to be blind. Eventually Sue cleverly drives them to the police station where Sue explains to the officer that her optician said she could drive, the optician is forced to confess that Sue can see because she saw her stealing. Darren finally sees Sues inner beauty.

Biblical Connection

1 Sam 16:7 "Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart." Sam wants to pick Jesses son Eliab to be king based on his looks but the Lord tells him not to focus on the outward appearance but instead on the heart, David is then chosen because of his heart for the Lord instead of his weak young body. My film is a social commentary on the damaging effects of our image obsessed culture that informs our definitions of attraction, often so much more than a persons heart or character. My story follows a woman who has been rejected because of her looks and gets a chance to prove that she is so much more than her outer appearance. The man who rejects her realises this in a painfully embarrassing way but ultimately chooses her based on her heart and character which he had been blind to see before.