Between Lambs and Lions

Created by Ted Wilkes, The Pitch 2012

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In the future American leaders pay lip service to the democratic process in what is called the ‘New Republic’. Laws are ushered through the ‘House’ by unelected ‘Members’ who agree with unanimous choruses of “Ayes” stripping the nation of its last shreds of transparency, liberty and democracy. However, there is one man who still believes in those values, being the thorn in the paw of the mighty totalitarian state. Daniel is the last elected member from the old republic who clings to his seat. When the 'House' tries to pass a bill that outlaws any criticism of the regime he finally speaks out and begins to gain a following making him a danger to the continuation of the ‘New Republic’. The President forces the bill through and they have finally snared Daniel as he speaks at a rally to his followers. He is rushed through a trial where he is found guilty and ‘thrown to the lions’. As they prepare for his execution thousands line the streets in protest singing the anthem of the old republic. His belief in the very thing the state tried to ban is his salvation as they are forced to stop else cause a revolution.

Biblical Connection

Modern faith in democracy can be likened to a faith in God; all seeing, all knowing and believed to be eternally righteous. It has its own prophets and disciples, and even its own holy book(s). In this adaptation of "God rescues Daniel from the pit of Lions" Daniel is the last ‘Member’ of the ‘House’ that still believes in democracy. He is a problem for the regime and in making criticizing the state illegal they trap Daniel and they believe they will be able to get rid of him by executing him. Though they do not expect that, like Daniel in the Bible, angels will appear in the form of the people who line the streets in protest and prevent the execution. Daniel is unwavering in his belief and rather than focusing on the situation he finds himself in, facing execution, he puts his faith in an all-powerful protector in our story “the people” whose action of civil disobedience, another value that is important in a democratic society, saves him. I think that the film will not just be important highlighting ideas of integrity and conviction in a cause but also deliver a human message of struggling against injustice.