Created by Carolyn Goodyear, The Pitch 2012

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Through the use of social media, celebrity singer, humanitarian and non-violent political activist CJ, is rallying support for a new ethical banking system. His online videos speak about the corrupt standards of the banks that support obscene bonuses, crippling interest rates and unethical investments. CJ is outspoken and controversial and is encouraging everyone to close their mainstream bank accounts and invest in non profit, ethical, credit unions. A recent assassination attempt has led him to remain in hiding. Caladh, a powerful government advisor is concerned by the growing support for CJ’s campaign which could lead to major social unrest. Caladh speaks with his henchman Aaron to find a weak link in CJ’s entourage. Jess, the band manager is that person and she agrees to reveal CJ’s location in exchange for a large sum of money. During CJ’s dinner party, Jess sends Caladh a photo of her with CJ. The Judas kiss photo confirms that she and CJ are inside the building. Masked men storm the dinner party, seize CJ and have him brutally killed. Jess is subsequently wracked with overwhelming guilt. Her betrayal haunts her so much that she throws herself off a building to end her pain.

Biblical Connection

Judas’s act of betrayal as depicted in Matthew 26 and 27 is a powerful and pivotal moment in the New Testament. Judas is corrupted by financial greed into betraying his friend Jesus during the last supper, leading to Jesus’s arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane. Today, in the world of celebrity, kiss and tell stories are widespread. Betrayal and money go hand in hand. Also, the current banking crisis has parallels with Jesus and the corrupt money lenders in Matthew 21. Jesus is portrayed as C.J, a charismatic personality, rallying support for a new banking system to purge the country of corrupt banking. Today, the name Judas represents anyone who betrays, regardless of gender. Here, Judas is portrayed as a female called Jess. Lured by money, Jess betrays CJ. As the reality of betrayal dawns, Jess is haunted by overwhelming guilt, mental torment and commits suicide, as did Judas. Many people have experienced betrayal or have themselves betrayed someone, and so the story of Judas is one which touches many people at a deep emotional level. This story teaches us to consider the consequences of our actions as the initial pleasure of sin can lead to overwhelming guilt and remorse.