Avenger Of Blood

Created by Oz Durose, The Pitch 2024

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When his father is accidentally murdered, Thompson is charged to seed retribution as the tribe’s Avenger of Blood. Along the way, Thompson meets several short-lived companions, each one meeting their end in the most regrettable fashion. With each unintended death, a new Avenger is appointed to seek out revenge on Thompson, and he is forced to flee to The City of Refuge. Inside the City, Thompson explains his situation to the Judge, who shows mercy on him - as long as Thompson remains within the City Walls, he may consider his blood-dept paid. But when Thompson sees his own Target in this new City, his anger, hurt and purpose flood back. Thompson attacks When he is about to land the final blow, his hand is stayed by the Judge. How dare Thompson enter into the City, his own blood-dept cancelled, yet still seek vengeance? Could he who has received mercy for so much, not show mercy for little? Justice must be dealt. The blood-debt must be paid. Thompson is thrown from the City of Refuge to face his accusers. And there will be no mercy.

Biblical Connection

Avenger of Blood is an adaptation of The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:21-35); a cautionary tale about the power of mercy, and the consequences of revenge. My adaptation mixes the parable with the concepts of revenge found in Lev 24, contrasted with the grace and mercy of the Cities of Refuge, found in Numbers 35 and Joshua 20. With a character whose new identity is found in vengeance, will they risk the mercy they have been shown to fulfil their task?