Created by Natalie Lacey, The Pitch 2017

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This is a tragedy story set in the 1930s set at the circus. A young woman named Aurora a star performer at the circus using water and illusions in her act. During her childhood she was involved in a car accident that killed her family. A group of circus performers took her in and raised her. Being in a very competitive environment with other male acts their ego and jealousy strive them to make a plan to get rid of Aurora. They head to the ringmaster to stir-up trouble for Aurora. Aurora’s Guardian goes to talk to her about the dark secrets of the circus and the ringmaster was responsible for her family’s death. The ringmaster launches a witch-hunt for Aurora to be sent to the Lions Den. She hides away and accidently falls down a hole entering the lion’s den. As she walks through a cave she stubbles upon her family’s belongings. She gets flashbacks revealing the truth about her family’s death. Aurora now knows she’s in the Lions Den. She hears a roar, as she gets closer to the lions. She faces the lions and they follow her out of the lion’s den.

Biblical Connection

Daniel 6: 16 Daniel in the Lions Den. The bible story I have chosen is ‘Daniel in the Lions Den’. In my story Aurora represents Daniel. Both of these strong characters experience a journey involving jealous rivals who cast them into a situation where they are placed in a lion’s den. The purpose of the lion’s den is to demonstrate punishment of death and this is important to both stories as it acts as a testament to Aurora and Daniel’s character. They both become successful by being true to themselves and rise with confidence, independence and self-belief. In my interpretation of the bible story it is symbolised by the different environments and characters. There are similarities between the bible story and mine for example the circus represents the High Office where Daniel is raised and the ringmaster represents the royal master of Darius the Mede who raises Daniel.