Created by Scott Forrest, The Pitch 2015

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My vision for a sci-fi take on the story involves a future where elements of the past are recycled, the garish lights and styles of the 1980's I adore are somehow back in fashion and this idea extends to the story; an ancient event that seems more than likely to take place again in an unjust world where the value of life has been reduced to nothing and profit is everything. Anarchy is a fairly simple adaptation of the story, with the visualisation of the setting an important factor. The story is almost unchanged, the world looks to be a different place, but there will always be conflict between people, be they Jews and Philistines, or Democracies and Corporations. Gol is at every advantage, but arrogance and superiority will always struggle to overcome an opponent who want the victory more, who is willing to risk all to let brains beat brawn.

Biblical Connection

Based on the story of David and Goliath from Books of Samuel (1 Samuel 17). This story takes the underdog story and relocates it to a possible future where current trends of privatisation have peaked, re-contextualising the Jews as the resistance; humans who have foregone technological enhancement and believe in peaceful democracy. The leader is based upon King Saul, who in this version, is a good leader who knows what is best for his people, but is not willing to risk his own life, knowing that this would end the resistance. E.J. takes the place of David / Elhanan, son of Jair. Resourceful and skilled, his time in the resistance has given him wisdom and prepared him for leadership. STEIN represent the Philistines, with their superior technology incarnate in the powerful warrior GOL, a towering and advanced soldier. The story shows the tendency for humanities past mistakes to endlessly repeat, the conflicts of the past simply find new ideologies in a dystopian future.