Created by Jeremy Silcocks, The Pitch 2023

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A Stream-of-Consciousness Comedy: Amapola is a split-story between Reality and the Human Heart, where we fall into hers... This is a fast-paced and funny introspective of an introverted songstress; who's scrambling in a daydream to try and pencil her latest song. All while juggling the slow- tick of a never-ending shift and living on a totally different time zone to reality. Her Heart is her escape. Her Internal World holds a Technicolour Reservoir of Time, with no rules. Like Flicking through the pages of a book, she can walk between the different places and different moments of her life. Past and even Future. Where she can go backwards and forwards in jarring match-cuts to play out the wildest possibilities of where her life could ever go. An offbeat character study, all propelled by the super-charged, unpredictable inner monologue of her endlessly creative Train- of-Thought. This is Her Life, Imagined. What's real and what's made-up?... Our unreliable narrator writes from these moments of her heart, and in 10 minutes she thinks-up the carousel of a lifetime: From Childhood to old-age. Walking the line of magical-thinking in an Eternity of Music; Memory; Dance and Unseen Dreaming...As she reconciles her present with her restless heart.

Biblical Connection

Ecclesiastes 3:11 proved to be a real anchor and source of peace for me upon first fully-realising you can't get your Time back. What really stood out to me was the nature of what God has 'planted' in our human hearts: Eternity. A comprehension of Time akin to His. Amapola is an emotional and deeply human exploration of our relationship with Time, and this verse will be its stead. He has made everything beautiful in its Time. And there is a Time for Everything. We have a great capacity to worry about time; what has happened; what could happen...This is a film about letting go of that worry. Film at its fundamental is the expression of Time: About seeing this Real Beauty in our Real Time, and simultaneously appreciating the gift of our planted eternity. It's planted meaning that it grows. It has a hold. And our times can come to define us. But more than that, it is planted by Him. Unseen and working in every second, our Times are in His Hands. Meaning despite her fear, Amapola can trust in the beauty of His Time until the very end: There is beauty we cannot yet fathom. Only taste.