Alligator Pond

Created by David Dossett, The Pitch 2012

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A middle age man discovers that his family's past is a lie. They are mulatto, Hebrew and Jamaican, not Scottish Protestants. They came to Canada from Jamaica in 1907. He discovers this during a search on the Internet and confirms it with a long-lost cousin. There is a suggestion that a child was left behind because she was black. They did this to survive in their new land. He locates the family cemetery in Alligator Pond, Jamaica and persuades a local Jamaican to send video back, along with a chain found there. He recognizes this chain appears in old family photographs, so it must be significant. Through a doctor friend who has a colleague in the museum, it is revealed that the chain was probably from the Philistine era. In addition, there are tiny hairs embedded in the metal. Upon analysis and comparison with his blood it is determined that the two distinct hair samples - male and female - were likely his ancestors. Convinced that his ancestors are calling out to him, he ignores his life, his job, and his family. He loses touch with reality to such an extent that he hallucinates. He leaves for Jamaica.

Biblical Connection

This verse is central to the story. A man ignores the Bible except for Job 3:17 from Job's Lament . Concentrating on that one verse as well as an old relic found at the cemetery is destructive and he sinks into despair. He is so obsessed that his sleep, work and family life suffer. He hallucinates, believing that dead relatives are trying to reach him. Ironically he spares no effort to attempt communication with deceased relatives but ignores his living family. Against all advice, he abandons his family to go to Jamaica in the hope of communicating with them directly. Sadly, he is reckless in his Bible study and never gets past Job's Lament to the realization of God's mercy. Only when he realizes that he must pass through the despair will he be at peace. Interestingly, this story is partly based on fact. And it is my story. Jamaica, Hebrew and mulatto - all were discoveries I made in 2009. This submission includes footage of the Jewish cemetery near Alligator Pond. The inscription from Job is in the cemetery. Faith and hope, and my family saved me from the despair I felt when I learned more about my family's tragic past.