After Eden

Created by Phillip Ossai, The Pitch 2018

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After Eden tells the story of Adam and Eve immediately after they left The Garden of Eden, up until the conception of their sons. Cain and Abel. The first ever natural birth. As they discover a new world, we experience the hurt, pain and nuanced emotions they both feel which leads to a heated argument. Adam resent Eve for because she was tricked by Satan. He fails to take responsibility for his own actions. Eve hates that she the scapegoat of mankind and that her husband detests her. Without the mediation of God, the two must find reconciliation in a world full of sin and death.

Biblical Connection

The Biblical source I am using is the Bible itself. Mainly Genesis Chapters 3 and 4. I am also taking inspiration from John Milton's Paradise Lost, despite the fact that he has Satan (Lucifer) as the main character. Biblically, the story of Adam and Eve jumps from them leaving Eden to them having children however my story greatly develops this gap. Adam and Eve explore the new world. They also come across a dog that accompanies them.