Adam and Eve and Steve

Created by Stephen Atherton, The Pitch 2012

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When Steve asks his wife why she wants a divorce she produces from her pocket a list. The list catalogues a collection of incidents from their fifteen year marriage that have embarrassed, or infuriated her. With his tail between his legs and kicked out of the family home Steve calls on his only relative for a place to sleep - the crackpot inventor Uncle Beltrik. In the old house Steve unearths a time machine and sets about righting all the wrongs on his wife's list. But on his final time-travel journey to getting his marriage back, the time machine malfunctions and Steve finds himself in a strange green land with only a man and a woman for company... Little does he realise (at first) that he is in The Garden of Eden, and that Eve is about to fall in love with him, thus jepordising the already written future of mankind... Can Steve get home to alter the final tasks on the list, or will he realise that his wife is not worth fighting for after his chance encounter with Eve?... Adam and Eve and Steve - this could be the end of the beginning!

Biblical Connection

It would take a far flung cave in a far off land before you found someone who did not know about Adam and Eve. The story is ingrained on everyone, and that is why we think this is such a strong story to use. To throw into the mix a man desperately trying to save his own doomed relationship adds a new dimension to this story. What would have happened in the story if there had been another man there and Eve had felt she could pick? Our tale is not a biblical tale of deep meaning, it's a comedy - a traditional Hollywood rom-com. It will touch on sacrifice, Eve will be forced to give up on Steve for the sake of humanity, but Steve, after his chance encounter with Eve, will discover that his wife is not the love of his life, and maybe his marriage is best left in tatters if his wife can not accept him for who he is... The short of this film will be the trailer for the feature length version. A feature that we have some fantastic ideas for, including a guest spot for God himself.