A Vague Bond (Working Title)

Created by Freddie Muller, The Pitch 2024

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After years of aimlessly roaming the streets with a shopping cart, Ned, a shameful 63-year old wanderer accidentally rediscovers his childhood home. Sparking memories of his idyllic childhood and a regretful life lived since, Ned begins to believe that by visiting his home his life will become magically unstuck. He gets denied entry by the new owners which causes Ned to plan a break in. Waiting for the owners to leave, Ned resorts to a daring and comedic house entry through the chimney! Inside, Ned has a touching moment when entering his bedroom, now a spare room. Ned discovers a forgotten time-capsule which emotionally overwhelms him and a peaceful Ned falls asleep. Waking up as the owners return results in him being trapped in his own room. Risking facing their dog and being caught, Ned must make a critical decision to no longer live in shame. During the climax, while the owners are asleep, Ned takes all he\'s learned, wins over the dog, nonchalantly bathes and shaves himself and leaves the house with a clean suit from the spare room closet. Physically and emotionally transformed Ned leaves just as the owners wake up, proving its never too late to change.

Biblical Connection

The inspiration of the story came from that of King Nebuchadnezzar who, after his dream was interpreted by Daniel, went from being one of the wealthiest kings to being the poorest by living in squalor for 7 years in the wild before his understanding & kingdom was restored to him. This visual and dramatic picture of a man (King Nebuchadnezzar) who had lost everything only to have his understanding restored made me think about what mental journey or change needs to occur in one’s life in order to emulate such a powerful transformation. I know the Holy Spirit had a huge hand in King Neb\'s life and turn-around but this led me to explore and adapt what I believe would be a humorous & compelling story of a man\'s journey from that of mental poverty to that of mental richness all set amongst the didactic telling of being physically and emotionally trapped in a place from his past.