Urban Souls

Created by Chimezie Anosike , The Pitch 2020

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‘Urban Souls’ is an original story about a group of people and their attitudes towards possessions and success ranging from it dictating and enslaving them to having power and control over it. The premise of this story centres around modern day London with the people involved being young millennials. It's about of group of three boys Leo, Ty and Michael, who for some conform to the damaging cultural pressure of success all whilst dealing with domestic and phycological insecurities in their personal lives. Michael, however conveys a meaningful content and satisfaction with his purpose in life and rather displays powerful qualities of personal growth and genuine joy, not needing societies accolades to define who he is. Things take a turn for the worst when the dynamic of the group tragically changes when Michael, the most completed out of the group loses his life. His death gives a gruelling revelation to Leo and Ty and poses the question whether one's life is defined by the external possessions that they are given or the internal qualities that they inherit.

Biblical Connection

Urban Souls is inspired by the bible verse: Mark 8:36 which says " for what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”. This scripture will be adapted through the view of modern London and how we see it today. A city that heavily instils a culture of success and societal gain but a lack of emphasis on true internal satisfaction and fulfilment.