The Fall Of Man

Created by Penelope Yeulet, The Pitch 2020

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A frank drama exploring the modern consequences of casting women as the original sin. We follow ‘Carla’; a maligned single mother and sex worker. A job chosen through circumstance and necessity, she struggles to balance the implications of her work with motherhood, womanhood and the pressures of society. Carla’s world begins to crumble as her profession is outed and word spreads among her community. She is vilified and harassed, burdened with the responsibility of seemingly perpetuating the patriarchal violence women face in society. Haunted by whispers, abused online, objectified and oversexualised; She is outcast from society. On the brink of losing everything, she becomes the untouchable woman; pushed away by friends, losing her childcare and her clients. Her mental state deteriorates, unable to summon the mental energy to run her business she loses the ability to provide for her family. Lost, broken, battered and bruised she has nowhere to turn. Until, a chance encounter with another sex worker; ‘Lillith’. New hope springs, Carla begins to find solace and solidarity with Lillith, she is no longer alone. Though the end offers a small glimmer of hope, realistically the arduous journey for Carla and other sex workers is not over.

Biblical Connection

The story of Eve in Genesis is the source for my story. The rhetoric surrounding Eve has persisted through time and technologies, she has long been known as the source of Original Sin, responsible for the fall of mankind. She became the map for all women; the reason for all women’s sufferings. She has long been standing the cautionary tale for why women should submit to their husbands and men. She has been oversexualised, evident in artwork, imagery and enduring stories throughout history. Often depicted entangled with a serpent, inferring her treacherous nature but perpetuating her sexualisation for the gratification of the viewer. Our story sets out to reclaim Eve’s narrative; Portrayed as a young single mother and sex worker. Sex workers in the UK are vilified and unprotected by law, governments and society. Sex workers are tarred with a similar brush to Eve; they are seen to perpetuate the degradation and suffering of women. They are the guiding example of the deviant woman. Creating and upholding the objectification and sexualisation of women, rape culture, violence and the inequality in heteronormative relationships and in society. This film explores Eve, not as the Original sin, but as the Original Dangerous Woman.