Created by Chima Nsoedo , The Pitch 2020

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Paul is a meek, unemployed 20 something who neglects his girlfriend and two year old son to set up a far right movement in Dover. By day he scrolls through news feeds for anti immigration rhetoric, and by night, feeds the fake news to local florist Harold, an alcoholic and passionate loudmouth who can naturally rally a crowd of drunk nationalist in their local pub. While Paul works tirelessly to set up a WhatsApp group, print flyers and book a date for their first anti-immigration protest, Harold's reckless lifestyle takes its toll. Rashes begin to grow all over his skin, making him too self conscious to leave his house. Only one person that could cure him fast – a Syrian immigrant who has a small herbal remedies shop Paul's half Polish girlfriend patrons. Paul takes Harold to the herbalist but they are met with a shut door and an order for Harold to walk into the sea until shoulder deep and offer perennials to the refugees who died on their travels. Paul must convince Harold to do this, knowing that a healed Harold may either continue with the protest or change his mind on immigration altogether.

Biblical Connection

The biblical source I am using is the story of Naaman Healed of Leprosy, 2 Kings 5. It tells the story of a powerful captain of the King of Aram who suffers from leprosy and must humble himself to receive healing from the Israeli land he plundered. The theme of being humble is also found in the b story of the healers servant who takes the gifts his master refuses. Paul, the main character in my adaptation is the servant's story in the bible's telling. Young, unemployed and wanting to make a name for himself he uses Harold's leadership qualities to do so. But their aim to prevent anymore immigrants from stopping off at Dover is humbled when only an migrant can help Harold with his rashes. Harold is told to walk into the sea carrying offering of perennials and when he does so, he is healed. After this his anti immigration beliefs changes and he offers the healer gifts of fish, which the healer declines. Paul, like the slave in the Naaman story, asks for the rejected fish and on eating it, sudden rashes begin to spread on his and his family's skin.