Created by Adele Oni, The Pitch 2020

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Obsessed is a tale about Love, Loss and Lust. Siren Rati is a good-natured, successful businessman taking his life one day at a time until he gets the news his long-lost brother, Arun, has been found and is coming home. And not only that, he is returning with a new ward, the beautiful, youthful Tani. Over the course of the story, Siren’s admiration for Tani becomes an ardent fascination. Ardent fascination becomes obsession. The question is, can Siren find a way to fulfil his desires. And can he get away with it? Based on the Story of Tamar in 2 Samuel 13, this is a story of how love can make all things acceptable, to get what we want. Even giving in to our darkest selves.

Biblical Connection

I am using the story of Tamar from 2 Samuel 13. Tamar was the daughter of King David , sister to Absalom and half -sister to Amnon. Amnon, having fallen in love with her, seeks to have her at any cost and ultimately ends up raping her. I have modernised this concept for this script. Absalom is represented as Arun, the long-lost brother come home from a war torn country, where Tani ( Tamar’s) family have hidden him for the last four years. He returns home with Tani to reconnect with his brother Siren (Amnon). As a result of this way of writing, Tani looks on Arun as her brother but considers Siren “family” for Arun’s sake. It is also why Arun trusts Siren with Tani, to her demise. By bringing Tani from a war-torn country, I wanted to give her a level of dependency that Tamar would have had in the court of King David. As women, we are still, in today’s society, usually viewed by how pure or chaste we are, or can remain. I wanted to highlight how, although progress has been made, there are some issues we continue to face due to patriarchy.