Created by Sara Jewell, The Pitch 2020

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A road trip comedy-drama on learning to love yourself. Magdie, a self reliant, cynical, Eurasian business woman, is on her way to chuck her mother’s ashes in the Folkestone sea - her mother always hated the sea. She meets Jay, a laidback yet emotional tree cutter who’s walking along the A2 with a wooden staff looking for a lift. She begrudgingly agrees - only so he can keep an eye on her narcolepsy. A disastrous journey ensues with blunt Magdie against the clock and enigmatic Jay continuously slowing them down. Yet somehow, these two strangers find a way to connect. This road trip is filled with Yorkie bars, Chinese songs, and a mid-point breakdown at B&Q. We learn Magdie ran away from a cruel childhood, yet to heal from her wounds, she continues to pursue security. Jay wants to build refugee housing in Folkestone, to help the oppressed who have fled to the UK in search of a better life. Will Magdie let go and love herself? Does Jay have the courage to lead? What’s with the fisherman following them? A funny and heartwarming ride as these two fumble their way to the Folkestone mermaid by sunset.

Biblical Connection

Mary Magdalene is the biggest mystery in the bible to me. How did she meet Jesus? Why are the details of her seven demons not written? Jesus appears to her first upon his resurrection; Luke 8:3 Magdalene supported Jesus’ ministry out of her own means; she was loyal to the end. Yet their interactions are omitted and generations have persecuted her as a hooker. Magdalene is completely overlooked by our historic patriarchal systems. In an age of female empowerment and equality, it’s time to give Magdalene a modern voice. Magdie, an accomplished woman financing Jay because she believes in him. You can judge her but she’ll go braless if she wants to. Could she have overcome her seven demons (like stealing, anger and narcolepsy) just by spending time learning from Jesus? Set on the way to Folkestone, a fishing village by a busy trade route (English Channel), just like Capernaum was in Israel. They could have met travelling at the start of his ministry, truly by his side without added romance. Jay’s refugee mission explores Jesus’ great commandment to love your neighbour as yourself. Through Magdie, we learn the importance of loving yourself first in order to love others.