Created by Ren Bianchi, The Pitch 2020

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In the Book of Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus instructs John through a vision to write a letter to the church of Laodicea. Many believe this letter represents the last period of the church we are living at the moment. In 2018 God spoke to me in a dream and showed me a religious structure based on power, wealth and control which I believe represents the religious system of our current generation. This is a story of a blind sixteen year old girl, Lila, who lives with her father (Joshua) in a place called Laodicea. They work in a market outside a temple, where they make their days earnings. It is an important day for Lila; a famous healer has travelled to Laodicea to host an annual service at the temple. The blind girl believes that this healer can heal her vision. However this service comes with a costly price. Not being able to afford the ticket, Lila finds her way into the temple but mistakenly takes the wrong pathway. This leads her into a journey of discovering a hidden religious structure at the heart of the temple of Laodicea that puts her life in danger.

Biblical Connection

This adaptation is based on the book of Revelation, 3:14-22, Holy Bible, NIV. In 2018 I had a dream related to this biblical passage. I believe God spoke to me and showed me a message. The dream changed my way of seeing the world, religion and society. The passage in Revelation (3:14-22) is a letter to the Church of Laodicea. Metaphorically, I am addressing this letter to our modern society and current religious structures by using the narrative of my dream. Our main character Lila is inspired by my own story. God healed my vision as a child but I grow up spiritually blind until the day I decided I would look for him walking on a different pathway.