Created by Grace Sargeant, The Pitch 2020

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A story of love, survival and duplicity. An aggressive virus, killing its hosts and reanimating them as violent, blood thirsty creatures (reapers), has almost wiped out humanity. Eden, a sanctuary and research complex created by the great leader Goldie is getting close to creating a vaccine for the virus, which will enable them to repopulate the human race. Brave young couple Aidan & Evie, face survival daily, going out in the wild, (now flourishing due to lack of population), to gather plants, botanicals and to hunt for food. When Evie is taken in by the disingenuous Sylas, believing in his promise that he has the missing ingredient for the cure, she sneaks him into the complex. Goldie learning quickly of this, communicates her disappointment to Aidan of their non-compliancy of house rules, and her intention to banish them from the complex. Aidan rushing to warn Evie, is too late as Sylas coerces her to break into a locked containment cell, releasing thousands of infected. Aidan & Evie are left standing in the complex as alarms go off and the sound of ravaging death draws closer.

Biblical Connection

A dystopian Adam & Eve story. Where we fast forward to the future, the Adam & Eve story comes full circle as they are yet again faced with temptation in a time when the world is at the point of destruction. They are left at the point of devastation, if they survive, they will again be set about the task of starting the cycle over, with a chance to recreate a future world less with any hope devastating than the last. We’d like to create a thought-provoking film enabling our viewer to question their own morals, whilst being entertained in an engaging way. The trials and tribulations Aidan & Evie take on, against listening to Sylas and defying Goldie is something we’re sure everyone can relate to. Moralistically they know what is right from wrong, but take the wrong choice, leaving them to be faced with much harsher consequences. As with the Adam & Eve story, they will likely now have to work harder, and suffer further pain and sadness to survive.