Created by Michaela Longden, The Pitch 2020

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Elizabeth arranges a meeting with her abusive, alcoholic dad, Martin, who left her 27 years ago when she was aged three. Since then he never made an effort to see her and she spent her life wondering about him, finding out who he was through other peoples opinions of him. In the meeting Martin gives his account of what happened. These scenes are interrupted by flashbacks of what actually happened. We see flashbacks form Elizabeth's perspective of the struggling upbringing she had, being raised by her mum single handedly. We also witness the violent memories she has of Martin as a child. Martin lies constantly throughout the conversation, never owning up to his actions of abuse and addiction. Elizabeth aware of this, doesn't call him out, understanding that it is clear he has his own internal pain and this will do no good. Instead she leaves the reunion knowing she will continue life without a father but with something else, forgiveness towards him, and the ability to let it all go and forget.

Biblical Connection

The Lord's prayer. The Lord's Prayer, in which Jesus taught about forgiveness, is one of the most important prayers in Christianity. I have adapted it by looking at how a child can forgive her fathers past wrong doings. Understanding that holding onto that resentment has only hurt her in the past. Understanding that forgiveness whilst difficult brings freedom to those who exercise it. Elizabeth understands that Martin is a product of his addiction and nothing else. Whilst him not being around was tough, she comes to realise that perhaps it was for the best. The film ends with her forgiving him but knowing that perhaps in order to fully forgive they should let go of each other entirely.