Created by Mike Peacock, The Pitch 2019

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‘Socks’ is the story of Joe, a man who loses everything he has, only to find himself again. Joe was an entertainer - rich, famous & successful. But despite his protests of innocence, has found himself in prison. With no reputation, money, friends or family, Joe struggles to fit into this alien environment. His cell mate, Elon, is at first resentful of this strange ‘celebrity’. However, since he owes money to a prison gang leader, Elon decides it might be in his best interests to help Joe out. An unlikely friendship forms and Elon finds himself acting as Joe’s counsellor and mentor. However, when Elon discovers that Joe is bankrupt and can’t help him out with his imminent debt situation, he loses control and lashes out. Joe is devastated. His last thread of hope has gone. He decides to end it all. Trying to make a noose, he discovers one of the sock puppets he has made. Joe has an epiphany. Styled in the genre of Laurel & Hardy, ’Socks is a gentle, light-hearted film about finding hope and meaning in our darkest times. It’s about knowing who we are when all the external labels are stripped away.

Biblical Connection

This story has been inspired by the book of Job in the Bible. Job is a successful man who loses all the outward signs of his success - his family, his wealth, his reputation. He is stripped down to the core of his being. How then does he process his life? He is surrounded by people offering advice and opinions, but it is down to Job to make a choice about who he is and how he views the world. I wanted to make a story about identity. So often we rely on labels and achievements to define us. But who are we when these are taken away? While these outward labels can give us a sense of worth to ourselves and those around us - do they truly make us happy? Job is a story about hope. Job is gradually worn down to a place where death seems preferable to life (Job 6:9). And yet, it is in in coming through these dark times that he is enriched.