Created by Steve Brehm, The Pitch 2019

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Davina Taylor is a young MP and has a role as a junior minister in the Home Office. Home Secretary, Sal, mentored her in the early days but she's proving more popular to the electorate than he is, and more gifted. He has become increasingly jealous and in recent weeks this has turned to enmity as she disagrees with policies that are more about serving himself than the public. Increasingly fearful Davina hides out in the country home of a friend, missing a significant Home Office department meeting. She asks a colleague, Jo, to text her and let her know how it goes. If Sal's mood is positive she can return to her post. If not she has to flee and go in to hiding. One word comes through on a text from Jo after the meeting ... RUN. Davina does so and as the covert troops close in she hides in undergrowth. Sal passes by. Is this the end? He takes a call ordering that she be shot on sight. But Davina records it on her phone and uploads it to social media. Sal's plot is exposed and she walks free.

Biblical Connection

1 Samuel chapters 20 and 24 detail how up and coming leader, David, is trying to deal with the jealousy, anger and downright insanity of King Saul. David's best friend, Jonathan, is Saul's son. David declines to attend a big banquet and asks Jonathan to judge his father's reaction. He hides in a nearby field and tells Jonathan to fire 3 arrows in front of him if Saul is rational and conciliatory at the banquet, and to fire 3 arrows beyond him if he needs to flee for his life. The latter happens. David flees for his life. While on the run, David hides in a cave and has the opportunity to kill Saul when he enters to relieve himself. David cuts off a piece of his robe and, later, shouts from across the valley that he could have killed Saul but spared him. Saul is repentant and calls off the search party. David heads off a free man, but wisely keeps his distance from Saul.