Created by Tim Price, The Pitch 2019

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The film is set in a fictitious world loosely based on the dark to middle ages. Peredor is an assassin hired by the rogue-prince Uther to kill a former servant, Douvhan son of Faolan. Peredor has also been searching for this man in order to take revenge for the murder of his own father (who was killed by Faolan). After being ambushed and left for dead by a gang of bandits, he is rescued by a mysterious stranger, who's face is hidden by cloths. For both men, it's a race against time. Peredor wants to recover quickly so that he can find his “target” before the man moves on from the area where he was last seen. The Stranger wants to convince Peredor to let go of his bitterness before he discovers the identity of his rescuer – Douvhan, the man Peredor set out to kill. When Peredor finally discovers the truth, he must choose between forgiveness (and spending the rest of his life running from his master) and revenge (and killing the person who saved his life).

Biblical Connection

“Love your enemies” is a well-known theme in Jesus' teaching. He displayed it in His death on the cross, giving His life for us, when we were His “enemies”. The most famous piece of teaching on this is the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), in which a man's life is saved by the most unlikely person – a natural enemy. However, we're never told whether the rescued man found out the identity of his rescuer, and if he did, how he reacted. This reinterpretation allows us to also explore the implications of Jesus' other teaching on forgiveness and loving our enemies. This message is particularly relevant in a society with many divisions, where people do not seem to be able to disagree without hating. Giving Peredor a personal motive to hate increases the tension, and the questions about the “Stranger's” identity add an element of mystery. Both points will lead to a more dramatic conclusion. (See also; Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 6:27-36)