Created by Carolyn Goodyear, The Pitch 2019

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Magda has a history of mental health problems and a chequered past. Her life was transformed when she was saved from suicide - from jumping off a bridge, by the illusionist, Christopher Immanuel. Now his manager and best friend, Magda’s world is thrown into new turmoil when she witnesses Christopher’s death during a live show. Haunted by nightmares, Magda fears she can’t live without him. She visits the mortuary but his body has vanished which launches a police investigation. That night, a storm rages. A figure in the darkness speaks her name. It is Christopher Immanuel. She informs the police that Christopher is alive; that his body hasn’t been stolen. They dismiss her sighting as a psychotic episode, triggered by bereavement. An increasingly paranoid Magda starts to doubt herself. Fearing her schizophrenia is resurfacing and she might be sectioned, she falls into a depression. Losing her saviour is the greatest test of her redemption; to believe in herself when others doubt her sanity. CTV footage emerges of Christopher exiting the mortuary, converting others to believe that Magda is telling the truth. Renewed self-belief and the discovery of Christopher’s life-long notes leads Magda to continue Christopher’s work as the new illusionist.

Biblical Connection

Mary Magdalene was cured of illness by Jesus who cast seven demons out of her. She became one of his followers, was present at his crucifixion, his burial and according to the Gospels - the first person to see Jesus risen. In this film, Mary Magdalene is called Magda Lane, and was saved from suicide by illusionist Christopher Immanuel who represents Jesus. Her past demons are viewed as mental health problems including schizophrenia. Now working as Christopher’s tour manager, she witnesses his accidental death along with thousands of others, during his live show called ‘Resurrection’. Like Mary, Magda would have been grief stricken. Her trauma is worsened when Christopher’s body appears stolen from the mortuary which represents the biblical tomb. Christopher then appears to Magda late one night during a storm. She eventually decides to inform the police. Mark 16:11 reports ‘When they heard that Jesus was alive and that she had seen him, they did not believe it’. This thriller sees the Resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, focusing on her emotional journey through extreme events; seeing a loved one killed, discovering their missing body, seeing a dead man risen and the responsibility of sharing such unbelievable news.