Created by Rosalind Adler, The Pitch 2019

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Celestial music. Hints of a courtroom/ TV studio. The soft flutter of angels’ wings. Earth is over and it’s Judgment Day. Leading the trials is Jeremiah, a minor prophet: The Jeremiah Trial show – like ‘Jeremy Kyle’ but in Heaven. Jez is starting with big names from the Bible. Abraham has just been cross-examined. Now it’s time for one of his most important descendants. Joseph is kind, enthusiastic, carrying his precious toolbox everywhere. ‘Look at that panelling – you can almost hear the wood sing!’ But Jeremiah has crude expectations: doesn’t Joseph want DNA results? Don’t WE deserve the truth? Why isn’t Joseph an old man like he is on Christmas cards? ‘Don’t be too concerned about the stories.’ Joseph says. ‘They’re just signposts to a deeper truth.’ What is true is his love for his child: ‘I made him a little lamb – cedar wood - pullalong little thing on wheels. Someone brought us a lamb when he was born, you see - there were shepherds nearby watching their flocks by night. Jeremiah is used to confrontation, humiliation, drama. Joseph offers love. Jeremiah bursts into tears,

Biblical Connection

All mentions of Joseph in the Bible (there aren't very many which is what fascinates me). I am using what I imagine as JOSEPH's complete lack of guile to expose the 'Jeremy Kyle' character and the reality television format that relies on humiliation and exposure of 'guests.' In my story, the table are turned and it's Love (in the form of Joseph in this case) who exposes the sad vulnerability and empty despair of the peacock show host.